Free Bitcoin & Ethereum wallet is a free Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet app. Your funds are stored on blockchain are protected with the 24-word private keys. You have total control of your funds.

REGULATED CRYPTO Company operates under PrivateX OÜ, which is fully compliant with Estonia and EU regulations. 

PrivateX OÜ is financial institution, operating under activity license FVT000064.

Activity license FVT000064 - Providing a virtual currency service

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Why are so many people investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

Innovative Payment Network NEW KIND PAYMENT APP 

Free Bitcoin wallet app to send/receive Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bank24 app is a free bitcoin wallet to send & receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. The most secure way to protect your crypto funds. wallet is a simple and easy crypto wallet app connecting the Decentralized and Centralized world. In our wallet, we have integrated the most advanced users verifying technology Sumsub, so to send and receive funds, verifications are required. This technology is so advanced that it's basically impossible to scam results and makes us compliant with Estonia and EU regulations. We are a regulated financial institution in Estonia. 


What makes us unique is that we don't have access to your funds. Your funds are protected with 24 mnemonics keys. So if you lose your private keys, your funds are lost. We don't have access to your funds, so we can't recover them. 

All the cryptocurrency transactions are confirmed with blockchain technology, called miners ( miners are computers connected with the internet). Blockchain is designed the way that all the transactions made will be saved and publicly available till the Internet exists. Check the blockchain transactions here. All the transactions are monitored with the most advanced blockchain analysis program to track down criminals better than any currently existing fiat-based money transaction solution. This is just the beginning of a new area of cleaning up the world and stopping the criminals. 

What is Bitcoin?

​Bitcoin, referred to as a cryptocurrency, was created in 2009 after the huge housing market crash. The digital coin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, along with a few other online peers. To date, the identity of Satoshi is a mystery to all. However, digital coin has been able to acquire a lot of attention and recognition around the globe. What was just a set of ideas written in a whitepaper has become the highest valued digital asset of all time.


The question is: What is Bitcoin or digital currency? Most of you would already know that these are virtual currencies that exist online. There is no physical presence of these assets like the usual fiat currencies. And what makes Bitcoin so popular is the lower transaction fees, which is much less than conventional online payment options. Along with the lowest transaction fee, the digital currency also can be transacted anonymously.

In other words, one can make payments using bitcoin without needing to reveal their identity. Although the public ledger provides details of the transactions made and the wallet Id of those making the transaction, the name, address, and other details of the person are completely hidden. Above all, it is not controlled by any central authority. Hence, working on a decentralized form of setup.

Bitcoin is also a safe way to complete your transactions. This is because of the fact that copying bitcoins is almost impossible, with so many nodes taking care of every single transaction. Plus, the verification process is accomplished using an enormous amount of computing power. That is the reason why Bitcoin is gaining such high fame among traders as well as businesses around the world.

Bitcoin VS


Bitcoin Transactions

Being completely virtual, cryptocurrencies transactions are carried online. However, these are not governed by any central authority, as it is the case with fiat currencies. On the contrary, there are several nodes responsible for verifying each transaction being initiated online. All these nodes are the same ones that participate in the mining of the bitcoin. To be precise, for accomplishing every single transaction, every node receives bitcoins in rewards, generating more bitcoins in regulation.

All these transactions are available online in the public ledger. Hence, it isn't easy to copy bitcoins at any given instance. The entire setup is worked through a decentralized network, offering users anonymous transaction perks.

FIAT transactions ( EUR, USD, GBP, etc)

Unlike cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies are available in their physical form and can be stored in online wallets. These are completely centralized and are governed by the top authorities. Every nation’s government is responsible for taking care of the supply of these currencies. And, the central bank is responsible for the regulation of the same.

Most of all, you can touch and feel these currencies. Although the value of these currencies’ changes too, but the fluctuations aren’t very notable as in the case of cryptocurrencies. And, there are no transactions made online that can be hidden from the central authority.

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Bitcoin is a new method to deal with money. One of the most important inventions in the entire history of evolution from barter trading to the present. Send and receive money from anywhere to anyone.

The dawn of a new world that is free, better and more transparent without restriction.

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