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1# FREE Bitcoin wallet


Banq24 is a FREE Bitcoin wallet for sending, receiving and storing your Bitcoin,  Ethereum and Ethereum tokens. Banq24 wallet is available in IOS and Android store. 

Banq24 - The Best Bitcoin Wallet App

A Smartphone App You Can Rely On

For someone who just stepped into the cryptocurrency market, it is always safe and advisable to go with a Bitcoin wallet app.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet App?

It is more like a digital wallet which is no less than a bank account. Using a bitcoin app, you can receive and send bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in seconds. Store them, evaluate the market conditions, and sell or receive whenever you feel like.

With an intent to expand the overall cryptocurrency market on a global level, there are several types of bitcoin apps available in the market. Here are two majorly popular types of bitcoin wallet:

  • Hot Wallets- These are easily-accessible wallets that run on an active internet connection using smart devices like- computer system, laptop, or tablet. Hot wallets are well-known for preserving the private keys at its best. If you have a small number of bitcoins to store, hot wallets are the best and most economical option to go with. There are several hot wallets that allow accessing funds via multiple devices.

  • Hardware Wallets- As the name suggests, hardware wallets are physical, electronic devices that are built to safeguard the crypto coins and other currencies. The user is required to connect this handy device with the computer system, tablet, laptop, etc. to access cryptocurrencies stored in the device. Here, the user needs to keep a check on the system security and safeguard it from any malware source; otherwise, it may affect the cryptocurrencies. Now, as the world is moving towards betterment, people started to look for fully-digitized platforms to get easy access to cryptocurrencies. And that’s where bitcoin wallet apps came into existence. 

What are the Most Basic Features of the Best Bitcoin Wallet App?
  1. Personalized Profile- You can create a personal account on a bitcoin wallet app entering all your details. This helps you unlock features like- transaction history, total cryptocurrencies available, etc. All the information stored in the personalized account is secured. 

  2. Registration System- There are some of the best apps which offer you the opportunity to be a part of the giant cryptocurrency community. For this, it is mandatory to register following the illustrated method. 

  3. Scanner- There are times when during receiving or sending cryptocurrencies, the app demands scanner for security purposes. A proficient app comes with an in-built scanner to fasten up the process. 

  4. New Addresses- A pro bitcoin wallet app is capable of generating new addresses for all the transactions made automatically. Also, this helps to keep a record of all the transactions processed via wallet app. 

  5. Pin Code Access- During the sign-up process, the user enters the pin code, and the app uses this pin code to access the stored coins. 

  6. Bitcoin Trade- This feature is to fasten up and make the process of buying and selling bitcoins easy. Also, the bitcoin trade option updates the users with the latest information about each cryptocurrency you are dealing in. As a seller, this makes you aware of which cryptocurrency is doing well at what time. 

  7. Payment Tracking Option- Who would not want to track the incoming or outgoing payment? Everyone wants to keep track of when s/he will be receiving the next amount. Well, an advanced bitcoin wallet app gives each user the liberty to track and keep a hawk’s eye on the send or receive payments in real-time. 

  8. Push Notification- Don’t want to open the app over and over again the latest updates? This isn’t an issue when you are using a next-gen bitcoin app like Banq24. Such trading apps updates you with the latest notifications so you can trade and earn without compromising on your convenience. 

  9. Sending/ Receiving Payment- Apps make it quite more comfortable and practical to send or receive cryptocurrency payments. The smart apps allow exchanging payments using NFC, QR codes, and bitcoin URLs as well.

  10. Data Protection- The reason why experienced traders recommend to go with a reputed and genuine trading app is that it provides data and cryptocurrency security options like- password, PIN code, etc. 

Which is the Best Bitcoin Wallet App Available in the Cryptocurrency Market?

Banq24- The Next-Generation Trading App

Banq24 is one of the leading and most-trusted trading apps to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with convenience, at the best rates, and under a layer of digital protection. Using this app, you can exchange cryptocurrencies like- Ethereum, ERC20, and Bitcoin. 


The app is FREE to use, comes with a user-friendly interface so that even a beginner can start trading and earn accordingly. It allows you to buy and sell bitcoins instantly at competitive rates (as compared to the marketplace). 

One of the biggest highlights of this trading app is it encompasses advanced search tools so the traders can build a well-researched and robust strategy for their future deals.


Other Leverages of Banq24, Includes-

  1. Advanced Reporting System- The app allows you to keep your focus on expanding your trading network while preparing real-time reporting to balance the crypto trade portfolio with time. 

  2. Payment Features- There are several payment options available to choose from. Be it debit or credit card; you have access to select a preferred medium. 

  3. Economical Fee- It offers a competitive bitcoin trading fee for the best deals. 

  4. Crypto Wallet- Create your crypto wallet, store cryptocurrencies under a protected shield.

  5. Instant Currency Exchange- The app allows hassle-free and quick cryptocurrency exchange. 

  6. High Liquidity- Banq24 offers fast & reliable order execution & gives access to high liquidity order book.

How to Get Access to Banq24?

The app is compatible with both operating systems (iOS and Android). You can download the app via Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices, respectively. 


Once installed, sign-up, follow the self-illustrated process, trade, and start earning! 


If you have any doubts regarding Banq24 app, feel free to write to us on, and we assure you to get back to you soon!

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Bitcoin is a new method to deal with money. One of the most important inventions in the entire history of evolution from barter trading to the present. Send and receive money from anywhere to anyone.

The dawn of a new world that is free, better and more transparent without restriction.

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