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Banq24 is a FREE Bitcoin wallet for sending, receiving, and storing your Bitcoin,  Ethereum, and Ethereum tokens. Banq24 wallet is available in the IOS store. Download for free and be the boss of your money.  

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

This fast-moving world, hopping on the advanced tools and techniques, has become the primary need of the hour. With this, the trend of digital currencies is high on demand. 


As per a recent report by the News Bitcoin, the total trading amount of the whole cryptocurrency market in the past quarter was equal to 6.6 trillion US dollars. The experts say that it has increased by 104% from the last to last quarter. Now, these stats speak a lot about the overall market value and trading scope in the nearby future as well. 


Seeing the present time demands, the cryptocurrency world has shifted to the smart and advanced bitcoin wallets or bitcoin wallet apps from the outdated hot or hardware wallets.

Some details to the Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is sort of a piece of a software storing private and public keys. Using these feature-rich bitcoin wallets, the trader can receive and send cryptocurrencies at value-for-money prices. 


Just like a PayPal account displays the user email address, the bitcoin wallet uses the same format to show unique addresses. It somewhere looks like- 1jdfhlhkkd54646C977dbfs. This address is extracted from the public keys and is stored safely in your bitcoin wallet. 


Amid all, one of the biggest highlights or leverages of using a bitcoin wallet is that it supports ‘Shared Wallet’ (also known as multi-signature).

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

It won’t be a hassle for those who have been in the industry for a long time now. But for a newbie, it may take some time to evaluate, understand and give a try to the bitcoin wallet creation process.

Here is what it requires to make a bitcoin wallet of your own
  • Download a bitcoin wallet app- First download a reliable and trustworthy bitcoin wallet app. We suggest going for an Android and iOS device compatible bitcoin app like- Banq24. There are more than 50,000 bitcoin apps available in the marketplace to choose from. Read reviews, ratings, online reputation before you hop on any bitcoin wallet app. Once decided, download the app, install, and create your trading account to proceed.

  • Use ‘+’ feature- Once done with the sign-up process, now you can see a ‘+’ sign on the ‘Home Screen’ of the app. Click on ‘Bitcoin Cash Wallets Menu,’ then click ‘+’ to create a new wallet.

  • Click on ‘Add Wallet’- Now click on ‘Add Wallet’ option. This will display a dropdown list consisting of several further features. Out of all, click on ‘Create Shared Wallet.’ With this, your bitcoin wallet will be created.

  • Wallet details- Now come adding information on the wallet. The required data include- ‘Your Name,’ ‘Required Number of Signatures,’ ‘Total Number of Co-payers’, etc. These details are necessary to send bitcoin cash from your shared wallet. For those who don’t know what Co-payers is- it is the total number of device or traders who will be having access to the wallet. When using a shared wallet, you need to enter the ‘Required Number of Signers’ as well. When you enter the ‘Required Number of Signers’ you give authority to a set number of users to manually authorize each transaction.

  • You are done- Filling all these details ensures that you are done with the bitcoin wallet creation process. After this, you will see an invite QR code that can be shared with anyone to join you in the shared wallet as a trader. For this, the upcoming trader has to either scan or copy the QR code text to proceed.

What are the Untold Benefits of Using a Bitcoin Wallet?
  • Security Purposes- A single trader can use the shared wallet account through multiple devices to strengthen transaction capabilities. So, if unfortunately your smartphone is stolen yet the thief won’t be able to transact your stored cryptocurrencies anyhow.

  • Transparency- A trader can invite as many as other traders in the shared wallet to expand the cryptocurrency trading market. This ultimately gives each member the authority to check the transaction history and other crucial details of the shared account, whenever required.

  • Authorization- As an additional layer of security, the payment process can be secured with authorized members’ consent. 

What is the Future of Bitcoin Wallet?

Whether you agree or not, the bitcoin wallets have been originated from the bitcoin wallet apps. These apps have become the present and future of the cryptocurrency world. 


Amid all, Banq24 has been seen as one of the majorly used bitcoin wallet apps, which gives the next-generation traders use this app for FREE. It is a perfect choice for you if you have been searching out for your kind of banking platform. The biggest highlight of Banq24 is that it enables receiving, sending, and storing different cryptocurrencies without asking for anything in return.

The most traded cryptocurrencies on this app are ERC20, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The app is user-friendly, fast, effective, and is loaded with numerous meaningful features expanding the trading vision in many ways possible.

How Banq24 Works?
  1. Download the app using Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices respectively 

  2. Install the app following the self-illustrated process

  3. Provide necessary personal details to create your trading account. Banq24 takes complete responsibility for your information security. 

  4. Once you have registered on the banq24 app successfully, you become eligible to start investing in the different digital currencies like- ERC20, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The cryptocurrencies you buy or sell using the app are stored safely in your account.

Why Go For Banq24 App?
  1. It gives you instant access to receive and send digital funds whenever you want 

  2. It encompasses a smart and advanced dashboard that allows you to monitor crypto balance, crypto investments made, the transaction history, and other essential details on a click.

  3. The app offers you to buy cryptocurrencies using different and safe payment options.

Have any questions or doubts about the Banq24- Trading App? Feel free to associate with the cryptocurrency experts via

Who is Banq24 founder Mardo Soo?

One amongst the top global crypto influencers with a Linkedin network of 27,000 connections, Mardo Soo is the brain behind Banq24. He is also the founder of two companies, one is the Privatex and the other is Consulting24. Consulting24 is a leading Estonian consultancy agency which over the years has helped entrepreneurs & businesses around the globe to obtain the crypto license. We accomplished a big milestone last year by successfully filling 200 Estonia cryptocurrency license applications. The company also guides the Estonian business registration process and provides ready-made crypto companies for sale. Mardo has been advocating for the Blockchain technology and tokenization and has collaborated with revolutionary Blockchain projects. He has been a full-time Blockchain coder for the last three years, without having an off day. Mordo firmly believes the Bloakckhcain technology is the present and future of our digitalised society.

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Bitcoin is a new method to deal with money. One of the most important inventions in the entire history of evolution from barter trading to the present. Send and receive money from anywhere to anyone.

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