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own bank is a FREE Bitcoin wallet. Enables sending, receiving and storing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We have launched IOS Testnet application 

Join for Testing

1. Join with a Testnet and download the app. 

2. Join with Google sheet and provide your Bank24 BTC and ETH wallet. We will deposit test BTC and ETH to your account.

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                                                                                                                     Simple, Secure & Safe Way to Trade Cryptocurrency

Banq24 is a reliable mobile App to buy & sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all ERC20 token with the lowest fees. This App is fast and user-friendly for everyone who is investing in an electronic asset for the first-time or a crypto trader.  Instant buy and sell Bitcoin at the most competitive prices are assured. Join our wide customer database by downloading our crypto trading App, available on iOS and Android platforms.  With Banq24 you can trade smartly by accessing the crypto markets, This App is powered with a myriad of advanced research tools to execute your crypto trading strategy better, we’ll make the necessary effort to guide you making value for money crypto investments. 


Buy, Sell & Exchange Cryptocurrencies

You can send and receive electronic currency in no time with our dedicated cryptocurrency trade App. To send digital funds from your Banq24 wallet, you require the recipient’s address; the processing is hardly a few seconds. To request money, you can share your unique ID with the sender to get funds directly into your Banq24 wallet. 


Download the Banq24 App Today

Use your Blockchain-powered App on the go. Download mobile Apps works with iOS and Android platforms. With the App, you can access the wallet and buy/sell cryptocurrencies, manage transactions, all on your mobile device.

                              Why Install the Banq24 Trading App?

i. Multiple Payment Options

At Banq24 App, you can buy Bitcoin with debit card or credit card. We have implemented the latest security practices to ascertain your personal details are safe and secure on our database. We provide comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks, adapted the proven measures for data encryption with the best PCI DSS standards. 

ii. Competitive Commissions and Fees

We offer reasonable Bitcoin trading fees for crypto traders. 

iii. Advanced Reporting

With the Banq24, you can obtain the reports and real-time balance of your crypt trade portfolio. You can anytime access the real-time transaction history, and transparency in our fees is guaranteed.

iv. High Liquidity

The order execution is fast and trustworthy on the Banq24 App, low spread, have access to high liquidity order book.

v. Create Your Own Crypto Wallet

Banq24 is the safest and the most reliable crypto wallet to invest and store your digital assets securely. We give full control to the users, as they only can access their electronic funds and unauthorized access is restricted. 

vi. Send & Receive Cryptocurrency Instantly

Whether you want to send Bitcoins to your best friend/relative in any part of the world or to make a business transaction online, Banq24 is the App you can trust to send and receive electronic currency with the lowest fees. We Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all ERC20 token.

How Our App Works?

Download and install the Banq24 App on your mobile device. Once you are installing with installing the application, the next step is creating your trade account by providing fundamental personal details without worrying about your privacy as we promise that. When you are registered, you can start investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum, and your cryptocurrency will easily and securely be stored on your mobile wallet. 

With your personalized wallet, you can send and receive digital funds. You can monitor your crypto balance on the move using our trustworthy mobile application; The personal dashboard will provide you every minute detail you require to know how your crypto investment is heading. The home screen of the App will provide you with all the most transaction history to keep track of every cryptocurrency buying and selling. 


Compelling Pros of Banq24:-

  • Ease-Of-Using the Crypto Trade App

  • Easy Way for Crypto Traders to Obtain Bitcoins

  • Instant Buy of Bitcoin with Credit Card and Debit Card. 

Banq24 - Home To Digital Currency


Banq24 is the most trusted destination to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can install the Banq24 on your mobile devices. This smartphone App is compatible with iOS and Android gadgets and has a responsive design to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly. Download now at Play and Apple App store,

Why think or rethink, get to the App link on your mobile to open your trade account to start trading Bitcoins now! 

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Bitcoin is a new method to deal with money. One of the most important inventions in the entire history of evolution from barter trading to the present. Send and receive money from anywhere to anyone.

The dawn of a new world that is free, better and more transparent without restriction.

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