Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019

Ever Since the launch of the world’s first electronic currency in the year 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has progressively soared with market capitalization scaling new peaks each passing fiscal year. A report published in CNBC in 2008, revealed that around 8% of the Americans had invested their money in cryptocurrencies.

While, today, you probably heard a lot about the many reasons to invest or not in cryptocurrencies, but the big question is- “which the best cryptocurrency is to invest in 2019?” In this post, we’ll help you out with an honest piece of advice.

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Right Now


After Bitcoin, the success story of Ethereum cannot be underpinned. A year back, this digital currency skyrocketed to reach the mark of $16000 on January 13th, 2018.

Ethereum has explosively grown with an expansion percentage of 3000% since it launched, and it is anticipated that ETH Will only going to experience an upward slope, making it the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

Moreover, by the end of 2019, ETH will reverse the losses it has confronted over the last two years.


Bitcoin is an obvious choice when it comes to investing in digital currency, In the last decade, we all have seen how reliable Bitcoin currency ro4 investors, and the year 2019 goes the same way, From January 1st to May 1st, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $3,862 to $5,412, offering a 10% percent.

Bitcoin, even in 2019 is by far the best cryptocurrency with a 40% market share, and you can invest easily in Bitcoin by selecting a credible mobile wallet. You can find Bitcoin on most cryptocurrency web exchanges and mobile Apps.


If you are searching for a low-risk investment, then it is going to end at Ripple. XRP is a safer option, and it is market capitalization that has attained new heights of success in 2019. However, if you want to maximize your investment profits, then, in that case, you can go with BTC or ETH.

Ripple has established its name in the crypto market as a stable currency. Do you know the daily trade volume of Ripple is $800? And it is always rated amongst the top-ranked liquid cryptocurrencies? The company that has designed Ripple includes a massive global network having hundreds of members. Ripple buying and selling are available on most cryptocurrencies.


Although new to the crypto market, the Zcash electronic currency has gained a lot of ground to be listed in the trending cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019. The forward-thinking mindset of the company’s CEO Zooko Wilco-O’Hearn Allowed Zcash to win over the trust of investors.

Presently, there are 21 million Zcash coins in the transactions. As per the recent data, the value of Zcash is worth $79.91, with a market capitalization of 6, 723,069. You need to find a Trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform to invest in Zcash.


When it comes to top crypto opportunities Dash finds its name in the list of ten cryptocurrencies to trade in 2019. Ever since its unveiling in 2015, the market capitalization of Dash has grown exceptionally to hit the mark of $2,036,525,273. In such a short period, Dash is today handling around safe & secure $100 million transactions daily. Presently the price of Dash currency is handling around $146.

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If we haven’t mentioned your favorite cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, it doesn’t mean they are not worth investing in or have zero scopes in the crypto market. We would like to hear from you, share your views and knowledge in the comment section below.'


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