Buy Bitcoin with Euro in Estonia-5 Tips To Select The Right Exchange

Since the unveiling of the world’s first Cryptocurrency in the year 2009, the financial sector has taken by storm. From just one cryptocurrency than 200 active electronic currencies, the decentralized currency sector has evolved significantly in the past decade.

But, Bitcoin still remains to be a preferred choice for investment in Estonia and other European nations.

While, there are many countries those which didn’t allow Bitcoin currency to breathe in their territory, but technologically advanced nations such as Estonia has given a lifeline to the Cryptocurrencies to survive & thrive.

But, before you jump the gun and buy Bitcoin with Euro, it is of great importance to choose the right Bitcoin exchange to ensure a safe and smooth transaction.

In this post, we’ll be listing the things you need to mull over or simply a checklist to guide you with the right decision when selecting a Bitcoin exchange. Scroll down and have a look at these-

1. The Country of Exchange

The first thing you have to consider when seeking out for a Bitcoin trade portal is what country the exchange located? The rules and regulations on the Bitcoin currency vary from one country to another. For instance, the Estonian government has no strict regulations on buying & selling digital assets, but to thwart any sort of terror funding. For this, the crypto exchanges in the country are asked to be vigilant before letting anybody use their platform.

2. The Payment Method

Now, the second thing you must look into when searching for a Bitcoin exchange in Estonia is how you can purchase the Bitcoins? There are many Cryptocurrency exchanges in the country that offer a myriad of payment convenience, ranging from Bitcoin with Euro, credit card, PayPal, and so much more. You have the freedom to choose what works best for you. Also, ensure that the privacy levels are maintained by the Crypto exchange.

3. Exchange Fees

This is one decision that helps you make the best decision when choosing a Bitcoin exchange. The price of exchange vary from one platform to another, there are several exchange platforms with no exchange fees, while some ask for 1-3% of the transaction, But, there isn’t a regulation on the exchange fees in Estonia, so you need to be really careful before making your first transaction. So, need to read the terms and conditions page thoroughly, if the information with regards to the exchange fees is not mentioned on the website, is important to inquire directly from the exchange.

4. The Transparency

Is your Bitcoin exchange transparent? Do they provide the audit information in terms of how to verify their Bitcoin reserves? The Bitcoin audit is the best way to prove its liquidity. Transparency is a key factor when selecting a Bitcoin exchange.


Other vital factors to look for when hiring one of the best Crypto exchanges in Estonia is the facility of the fast deposits, the platform is safe & secure, and most importantly, no hidden cost.