How to Become a Bitcoin Trader in Estonia?

Bitcoin trading is a rewarding monetary profession in Estonia, as this world-first digitized European nation is fostering Cryptocurrencies to survive and thrive with no strict regulations & restrictions. Buy Bitcoin and sell it off when the prices on the higher side. This has scripted so many millionaire stories across Estonia. You must have heard of people who call themselves professional Bitcoin traders, but you probably wonder what exactly what it means.

How to Become a Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin trader is Crypto market enthusiast who buys & sells Bitcoin with the objective of making short and long-term gains when the prices are the surge. The traders anticipate the Crypto market to understand the upward and downward price movement, rather than making spontaneous investments. There are mainly two methods of trading Bitcoin, and each of them is illustrated below-

Proprietary Trading

This is one of the simplest means of becoming a Bitcoin trader in Estonia. According to the proprietary trading model, the trader buys a certain portion of the electronic asset from the exchange and then selling it off when the prices increase with an out of the blue outward slope. However, this kind of trading isn’t as you might perceive, there are a number of hassles along the line.

Firstly, you need to zero down one of the most trusted Cryptocurrency exchanges in Estonia. Don’t just trade from the first exchange you come across; take you time to find the best. Make sure you thoroughly surf the Internet, analyze its market credibility.

After that, you are required to keep track of the Bitcoin volatility. You need to take your decision carefully as the Bitcoin currency is highly fluctuating, you never know one day it is increasing, and the next day it falls in a big way. So, you are required to take your decision carefully.

Market Making

The second means of Bitcoin trading is making monetary rewards by providing liquidity for the market. The professional Bitcoin traders would do the market making by establishing the limit orders for both the directions. So, the profit will be spread on both the bid and ask. Ask for the seller order, whereas, the bid is the buyer order.

To understand this, let’s take an example, you have signed up on a Bitcoin exchange portal. There, you place an order for Bitcoin currency worth of $2,999, while the price of the Bitcoin was $3,000. Then, later on, you sold off the Bitcoin for an order of $3,001. So, when both the orders are furnished, you will make a profit of $2. While, the $2 seems a pretty low profit, but you do this regularly, you will have a handsome amount of revenue.


Before you get into the world of Bitcoin trading, it is highly advisable to do your homework. You will have to learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin buying & selling. Also, it is highly advisable to talk to your friends those having vast expertise in Bitcoin trading to guide you with your first profit.