Local Bitcoin-Why is Estonia termed As the World’s Most Crypto Favored Nation?

Proudly, known as the birthplace of Skype Estonia has always been at the forefront of technology. This is because of the active role played by the government. Do you know Estonia is 4th in the list of top countries with a broad level of economic freedom? Similarly, Estonia is 12th when it comes to ease of doing business in the world. In the past decade, Estonia has also bagged the title of being the most favored Bitcoin-friendly nation. Here, we explain how the government has adapted itself to Bitcoin.

How is Bitcoin Classified in Estonia?

In the heart of Europe, Estonia is not defined as a legal tender, but there is also no ban on trading Bitcoin in the country. The Bitcoin currency is termed as a digital currency that cannot replace or hamper the fiat currency of Estonia. The Estonian laws on the Bitcoin taxation are clearly defined as same as ECB. In order to buy and sell Bitcoin currency, you’ll have to provide your KYC details to your Crypto exchange platform. On the other hand, if you want to launch your very own Cryptocurrency exchange platform in Estonia, you have to get the license by applying online.

Taxation on Bitcoin

The reward one makes from the Bitcoin trading is not subjected to VAT, and this is because, in the year 2015, the government defined Bitcoin not as a property, instead of a currency. However, this is a lot of un-clarity when it comes to taxation on Bitcoin; some say they pay 33% tax, while others paid a 20% income tax on their Bitcoin profits.’

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin in Estonia, it is highly advisable to do your thorough research work to clearly know much is the charge by the exchange you trust, as you’ll be charged in it.

E-Residency in Estonia

Estonia is an open & inventive economy, and it presents investors from various parts of the world the opportunity to come to Estonia and obtain a legal business tag. This is done with the introduction of the country‘s big initiative of e-residency, which has made this European nation as the heaven for Bitcoin trading.

However, one thing you got to note here is that e-residency is not similar to the tax residency; you cannot use it to set up a Crypto exchange in Estonia. But, you can use e-residency to start your own Bitcoin business and flourish it in the entire European market. Getting e-residency is a simple and affordable means to open your business in the country. For establishing your business in Estonia, you’ll have to obtain multiple licenses for the same. As per the recent data, it costs about 8,000 Euros to launch your Bitcoin business in the country.


After going through the above, you probably got extensive idea how Bitcoin currency is regulated in the country. I would also love to hear your vast knowledge and practical experiences with Bitcoin in Estonia.

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