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Banq24 is a FREE Bitcoin wallet for sending, receiving and storing your Bitcoin,  Ethereum and Ethereum tokens. Banq24 wallet is available in IOS and Android store. 

Banq24 Bitcoin Wallets: The Future of Trading Market

It may interest you to know that at present, there are more than 42 million registered bitcoin wallets running actively in the globe (source- Statista). It broadcasts a lot about the changing perception of new-age traders and speaks enough about their preferred trading ways as well. 


Earlier, traders used to rely on hot & hardware wallets but now is the age for bitcoin wallets loaded with additional and advanced features to strengthen, fasten, and improvise the overall trading market. 


Before you hop on the advantages of using bitcoin wallets, it is essential to go through the basics of its literal concept.

What is bitcoin?

It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency developed to help traders’ process transactions via digital units. The bitcoin network was started in 2009 by an entity named- Satoshi Nakamoto and by then the bitcoin network has been ruling the digital currency world. It soon proved as an alternative to flat government currencies including- Euro, the U.S dollars, gold, and silver coins.

The untold advantages of bitcoin
  • High liquidity- In the trading world, bitcoin is often referred to as a fiat currency that cannot be sold, purchased, exchanged in quantity, or virtual form. Among all the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin comes with the most significant liquidity potential. With this, the traders can make the most of profit as compared to the other currencies like- U.S. dollar, Euro, etc. The commonly used currencies, when exchanged or converted into fiat currencies, cannot give enough profits as compared to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange through the globe. 


  • Easier international transactions- Be it the transaction fee or the process, everything is uniform in the bitcoin exchange throughout the globe. There are no such red tape, navigation, or international transaction fee levied on a bitcoin exchange. Where other cryptocurrencies do not have international red tape, the bitcoin transactions prove to be more accessible, quick, and profitable. And that's why it is one of the most preferred cryptocurrency types all over the world. 


  • Better privacy- The chances of bitcoin transactions exposed to fraud and scams are lower than any other cryptocurrency type. The most significant reason behind it is several security tiers safeguarding the stored currencies. 


If you are considering entering the cryptocurrency world, then you must go through the leverages of bitcoin wallets. The bitcoin wallets have transformed into mobile-based apps, ensuring quick access to buying and selling cryptocurrencies all over the world with a seal of trust and security. 


In a short period, the bitcoin wallet apps have become the biggest hotshot of the trading market. And this has influenced millions of people to register on a bitcoin wallet app like- Banq24 & fetch great profitable deals in their kitties.

Benefits of Bitcoin Wallets Apps
  • Low Transaction Fee- Personalized bitcoin wallets allow to proceed transactions at much lower transaction fees than other cryptocurrencies. 


  • Fast, Quick, and Easy Payment- Seeing the expanding craze for bitcoin wallets and its increased usage, there are many restaurants, businesses, food chain stores, etc. who have had started to accept payments via bitcoin wallets. These apps allow to store, sell, or buy cryptocurrencies on a click which makes it hassle-free for traders to spend more than required time on each deal they make. 


  • Instant Cryptocurrency Exchange- When using a bitcoin wallet app, you don’t need to stick to the device for hours and hours to send or receive cryptocurrencies. Everything is done on a click. Just choose the deal you want to make, select your action, and it’s done. 


  • No third-party involvement- Bitcoin wallet apps do not allow any third-party integration, an association from any government body or external financial institute. This makes it very clear, straight-forward for the traders to exchange currencies without the fear of data being fetched or accessed by any foreign entity. 


  • Different Payment Options- It offers a myriad of payment mediums for every trader’s convenience. Be it your visa card, credit, or debit card; there are several options available to choose from. 


All the leverages make bitcoin wallet apps the ideal solution to all cryptocurrency exchange problems. 


At present, there are no less than 15000 mobile-based bitcoin wallets engaging more and more traders with every passing day. As per the cryptocurrency experts, the contribution of bitcoin wallet apps has been the biggest to tenfold the digital currency industry expansion. After bitcoin wallet apps, people find cryptocurrency deals easier, productive, profitable, and instant.

Here is one of the most-recommended bitcoin wallet app for you

Banq24- An App Redefining Trading

With this app, you can be your kind of bank. It is a FREE bitcoin wallet enabling cryptocurrency exchange in seconds. It does not just help traders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like- ERC20, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, but stores the public and private key with utmost security. 


Using this app, you can receive or send digital currency anytime, anywhere. Banq24 asks for the recipient’s address to send the funds. And when it comes to requesting funds, all you need is to share your ID with the sender & you can expect to have your payment in your account in no time. 


Banq24 is one of the Blockchain-powered app compatible with both- iOS and Android to give easy access to any user throughout the world. Be it a beginner or an expert; the app is easy-to-use for everyone. Witnessing its endless series of benefits, crypto traders can invest in any preferred asset with the lowest fee possible. The app encompasses an expanded customer database and several opportunities to tenfold your trading career growth. 


The app offers one of the biggest highlights and benefits for traders as several advanced research tools to plan and implement a crypto trading strategy. In addition to this, banq24 provides enough information on how to make an ideal crypto investment in the future to fetch maximum profits. 


Have doubts about the Banq24 bitcoin wallet? Or want to know how it can benefit you? No matter what your concerns are, feel free to associate with the banq24 cryptocurrency experts via

Who is Banq24 founder Mardo Soo?

One amongst the top global crypto influencers with a Linkedin network of 27,000 connections, Mardo Soo is the brain behind Banq24. He is also the founder of two companies, one is the Privatex and the other is Consulting24. Consulting24 is a leading Estonian consultancy agency which over the years has helped entrepreneurs & businesses around the globe to obtain the crypto license. We accomplished a big milestone last year by successfully filling 200 Estonia cryptocurrency license applications. The company also guides the Estonian business registration process and provides ready-made crypto companies for sale. Mardo has been advocating for the Blockchain technology and tokenization and has collaborated with revolutionary Blockchain projects. He has been a full-time Blockchain coder for the last three years, without having an off day. Mordo firmly believes the Bloakckhcain technology is the present and future of our digitalised society.

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